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  • The Philanthropist is an E & I Reality TV show. This transformational programming is designed to share a crusade through the various social good organizations showcased and our active audience of "Crusaders"
  • A 'Crusader' is defined as an individual, group or organization that betters the lives of others and the world in which we live. Anyone, any group, anywhere can be a Crusader. We invite you to Join the Crusade and have the opportunity to assist in the making of the show
  • Inspired by a true story, the creators behind The Philanthropist invite you to help create the first season while rallying support for the cause you believe in. Participate in the casting, recommend non-profits that you believe are doing a phenomenal job, help decide which charity team can enter the fundraising team challenges, participate in "live" sharing interactions of the first crowdfunding integrated media launch and much, much more! Join the Crusade and make the world a better place. YOU can help make a global impact
  • This globally syndicated broadcast is the platform to bring to light, and showcase, a worldwide humanitarian effort through the art of philanthropy. Not only will the audience be invited to participate to help "create" the mission that goes beyond the initial goal of this television programming, but YOU, as a CRUSADER, will be directly involved in our global mission. This crusade will trigger a domino effect of philanthropy and kindness, and reverberate for generations to come
  • The Philanthropist will create a stage to share to share the challenges we face globally and the successes we can celebrate together. At the end of the day, we all have the same goal-improving the world we live in

Be part of the show.Help us make a difference. BECOME A CRUSADER TODAY!


  • An anonymous & mysterious Philanthropist seeks to better the lives of others by donating a percentage of his wealth to three deserving non-profits
  • The audience will assist in the choosing of the non- profits to be featured with other opportunities to participate throughout the season
  • The Board will listen to the presentations of the organizations and their missions
  • Defined Criteria will be presented to be met
  • Determination is made though fundraising challenges that will include extraordinary situations


Elevating Extraordinary People Like You!

The Team at The Philanthropist is taking Contestant Initial Applications to To be a Contestant on The Philanthropist!

Are you part of a Non-Profit Organization that is making a big difference? Are you an Extraordinary Individual that participates in Philanthropic activities for Social Good? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then we want to hear from you!

There are 3 CONTESTANTS per show and we hope to have many 13 episode seasons, so apply and pay attention to the details.

Best of luck!!

Please download the .pdf initial application packet here:

Please send the entire completed packet to


It can also be mailed to:
The Philanthropist, Inc.
Att: Producer 315 Main St (2d Floor)
Huntington NY 11743
Thank you for your interest!


Our admirable Philanthropist is an anonymous and mysterious entrepreneur who has overcome obstacles against perilous odds and risen above. One who has experienced the pain, joy, excitement, defeat and triumph through the ups and downs of life as an entrepreneur. Through these experiences, they have brought him to a point of inexplicable generosity to help better the lives of others.

Our Philanthropist's mission is to initiate and spark a crusade that inspires an international culture of Philanthropy, fueled from personal aspirations to help others and create a humanitarian pay it forward attitude of benevolence to individuals, organizations, and societies around the globe.

The Philanthropist will donate to select charitable organizations that our chosen for the show with the help of you, our Crusader audience. However, only one charity will be given a high profile annual partnership to use in any way they can in order to optimize their mission.

The Philanthropist will donate to select charitable Organizations

The decisions is ours

What Causes Do YOU Believe In?

Enter your Causes here

Synergy Partners

The Philanthropist works with outstanding organizations, companies and individuals who help expand our reach to as many people as possible to join the crusade for Philanthropy. They support our Int'l mission in many different capacities.

Consider the possibilities:

To find out more of how you can get involved Contact Us

Thank You to our Sponsors

THE BOOK PORTRAIT- This extraordinary piece of art represents the philanthropist we appreciate and remember as the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. We are honored to be partnered with a sponsorship that is so massively significant showcasing "The Book", which is said to be the only portrait that Michael personally sat for during his lifetime. To Know more..http://www.TheBookPortrait.com

RYAN STAR- Alternative Rock Artist. Singer-Songwriter. The Philanthropist is proud to present the music of Ryan Star in our theme song for the show in 2016. His music and moving lyrics in his song, Sailing On, creates the momentum of emotion in our building of our audience of Crusaders to which we will prevail in our mission, which is to inspire an Int'l movement of Philanthropy. Thank you, Ryan.To Know more..http://www.rstar.net

Join Us

Careers at the Philanthropist, Inc.

We’re hiring!
Do you want to be directly involved in the making of the 1st ever E&I Realty show to share a culture of Philanthropy?
Are you interested in being behind the scenes of the largest crusade on earth!?

The team at The Philanthropist are looking for extraordinary individuals for the following positions:

Internship Positions (3):
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Digital Life-Changer
  • Lead Crusader
  • We offer an opportunity for growth with our flexible internship program. With your anticipated interest to get involved, please fill out the following application and pay attention to all required information necessary to be submitted to be considered. Best of Luck!

    Download this .pdf application packet here:

    Casting Director position:
    Casting Director of Extraordinary
    T.V. Contestants

    We are looking for an exceptional individual with recruitment experience to help us find the extraordinary contestants for the show! Entertainment and television experience preferred, but we would like to talk to people in many levels and categories of recruitment. Please see the following full description:

    Download this .pdf application packet here:

    Please send the entire completed packet to

    It can also be mailed to:
    The Philanthropist, Inc.
    Att: Producer 315 Main St (2d Floor)
    Huntington NY 11743
    Thank you for your interest!